Distinctive signs

Any sign capable of distinguishing goods or services within a given sector.

Being an element of communication between a businessman and a consumer, purchasing decision factor, they have acquired so much relevance that their “value” can be many times greater than that of the factory or facilities where the product or service is produced, distributed or commercialized.

Such registration grants an exclusive use for a period of 10 years, extended by periods of equal timing.

It is a set of phrases that has the function of identifying a particular product or service.

A period of protection of 10 years is granted and can be extended by periods of equal timing.

Name given to a business. Its protection does not start at registration, but derives from its use.

It is only protected in the geographical area of effective clientele.

In this area our firm offers the following services:

  • Registration of all kinds of distinctive signs in Mexico or anywhere in the world.
  • International Trademark registration.
  • Licensing contracts, assignments of law, consultancy in contracts of purchase and / or development of franchises.
  • Management and publication of declarations and authorizations of use of Denominations of Origin.
  • Management for the declaration of notorious, reputed or famous trademarks.
  • Administrative actions of infringement, nullity and expiration of marks that affect rights of legitimate holders.
  • Legal actions of competition and unfair trade.