Industrial creations

Prerogatives granted by the state to certain persons that confer them a right of exclusive exploitation of innovations.

All human creation that allows the transformation of matter or energy that exists in nature for the use by man and satisfy his concrete needs.

Patents can be granted to processes or products.

Basic requirements for the granting of a patent:

Valid for 20 years NON-RENEWABLE,  from the date of submission of the application.

Objects, utensils, appliances or tools,  that as a result of a modification in its disposition, configuration, structure or form, present different function of the parts that integrate it or advantages in terms of its usefulness.

Valid for 10 years NON-RENEWABLE, from the date of submission of the application.

Those aesthetic improvements, that is, they do not add any functionality, only help to distinguish the product in the market. They consist of two categories:

Vigencia de 15 años NO RENOVABLES, contados a partir de la fecha de presentación de la solicitud.

In this area our firm offers the following services:

  • State of art searches.
  • Previous art searches.
  • Patent writing.
  • Preparation, presentation, monitoring and follow-up of a register.
  • Replies to official actions of form and substance.
  • Analysis and follow-up of the application to the authority.
  • Opposition.
  • Translation of patent documents.
  • Advice on various issues such as technology transfer.